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Science Was Born of Christianity: The Role of Christianity in the Development of Modern Science

The public narrative is that faith and science contradict, but history tells a different story. Original writings trace the birth of modern science all the way back to Genesis 1:1. The Christian worldview of creation is, and always has been, a radically different outlook than that of any other religion or culture.

These, Thy Atoms: The Beauty of Chemistry and Physics

Nature is creation and knowledge of the quantification of objects in motion — at the macroscopic, microscopic, and quantum scales—enriches a person’s faith. This talk is for anyone who ever thought the periodic table is boring.

Science Without Faith is Like Eyeballs Without a Face

As Catholics, we look out at the world as a unified whole, seeing everything in its natural context. To do so is to see science in its proper sphere, as the study of the handiwork of God informed by philosophy and guided by theology. Science and religion are integrated, each contributing to the other.

Science, Faith, and Public Policy

How does the Catholic faith inform citizens about public policy issues such as climate change, the beginning and end of life, artificial reproductive technologies, education, and research using unborn children? This talk is an overview of how to navigate a variety of issues from a foundation of faith.

You Don’t Have to Know God to Be Pro-Life

At first, it might be difficult for a Catholic to understand the moral teaching that the Church asks us to accept. But just like a scientist cannot know the results of experiments firsthand unless she does them herself, a person cannot understand the gifts of faith without testing them out in the laboratory of life.


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