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The Splendor of Hope in the Vale of Tears

St. Paul writes in Colossians 1:24, “I rejoice in my sufferings.” But how can Paul rejoice in suffering? This seems absurd to the mind of modern man. Karlo sets out to identify what might have given Paul reason to rejoice and have hope in the midst of his sufferings—a hope that protects from the death grip of despair and gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

A Catholic View of the End Times

Karlo gives the biblical foundations for the Catholic Church’s teaching on the end times. He identifies seven stages that constitute the “last days” as found in the Catechism and Scripture. Karlo also dispels popular myths about the last things, such as the Rapture, that are found within various Christian communities.

Heaven: A Destiny Worth Living For

Karlo dispels the boring cultural image of heaven as clouds with baby cherubs playing harps and explains Jesus’ revelation of heaven as an experience of perfect love, joy, and excitement through fellowship with God and with every member of the Mystical Body of Christ.

The Four Levels of Manhood

Based on Fr. Robert Spitzer’s articulation of the four levels of happiness, Karlo explains how there are four levels of manhood. Karlo challenges men to not settle for the lower levels involving only sensory pleasure, material stuff, and ego-satisfaction, but to strive for the highest levels of sacrificial love in service of others and union with God.

God’s Words Written & Spoken: A Biblical Critique of Sola Scriptura

Karlo critiques the fundamental building block of the Protestant Reformation, sola scriptura, and demonstrates that the Bible alone is not sufficient for knowing the fullness of God’s revelation. He also shows how the Bible itself points toward the necessity of holding fast to a Sacred Tradition that is indispensable for receiving and understanding the truth of Jesus.

Miracles: God’s Light in the Darkness of Unbelief

Karlo responds to objections that skeptics give to the possibility of miracles and offers credible historical evidence that miracles have occurred, as in the case of the resurrection of Jesus, and still occur today. He also explains why miracles are important in the life of the Catholic while at the same time emphasizing the need to have a healthy balance in our search of the miraculous.

Cajun Accordionist to Cajun Apologist: The Life Testimony of a Cradle Catholic

Karlo shares his story of how he left a promising musical career in Southern Louisiana to become a Catholic apologist. He gives examples from his life of how Catholic apologetics strengthened his faith as a cradle Catholic.

Is the Jesus Story a Myth? How to Defend the Historical Reliability of the Gospels

Karlo responds to the most common objections skeptics give for not trusting the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life and gives reasons why they are historically reliable.

Contraception: Man’s Failed Design for Love

Karlo explains the whats and the whys behind the Church’s teaching against contraception. Using the principles of natural law, Karlo shows how contraception robs spouses of the love they wish to express in the conjugal act.

Apologetics for an Age of Unbelief

Karlo gives a how-to approach for dispelling the major cultural myths that serve as obstacles to faith—namely, that belief in God is incompatible with science, Jesus is no different than other religious leaders, and man is nothing but matter.

Why God Still Matters

Karlo dispels the common myth that science is sufficient to explain the universe in the place of God. He further argues that God still matters for complete human happiness, moral obligation, and our very existence.

Existence Beyond the Grave: Reasons Why There is Life After Death

Karlo explains why we have good reasons from both philosophy and scientific research to believe there is life after death. He also explains why existence beyond the grave matters.

Living Life to the Fullest: A Compass for Human Happiness

Karlo draws on Fr. Robert Spitzer’s Four Levels of Happiness and shows how living with a “Level Four” perspective is the only way to experience true human happiness.

Science: A Believer’s Friend or Foe?

Karlo dispels the myth that science has done away with the need for God in explaining the universe, thus showing science is not a believer’s foe. Karlo then shows how science gives credence to belief in God by providing evidence for a beginning of the cosmos and the fine-tuning of the various characteristics of the laws of physics.

Suffering: The Forging Fire of Godly Men

Karlo explains why men should not view suffering as defeat or a sign of weakness but as an opportunity to become a godly man through the exercise of self-sacrificial love.

To Confess or Not to Confess? A Biblical Defense of the Sacrament of Confession

Karlo answers the common question, “Why should I confess my sins to a priest when I can go straight to God?” He does so by giving biblical evidence for Jesus’ institution of the sacrament of confession, evidence for the early Christian practice of the sacrament, and by explaining the sacrament’s spiritual benefits.

“I Will Build My Church” Defending Catholic Hierarchy & Authority

In response to common errors about the Church among many Christians, Karlo gives evidence from the Bible that the first-century Church established by Jesus Christ was not merely an invisible group of believers who possessed equal authority but a community of believers with visible leaders exercising divine authority to lead the people of God in the unity of belief—an authority that was transferred to other men beyond the Twelve.

The Bible Blueprint for Marian Dogmas

Karlo gives biblical evidence for the four major Catholic Marian dogmas—namely, her title as Mother of God, her perpetual virginity, her freedom from sin, and her bodily assumption.

Your Royal Highness: A Biblical Defense of Mary’s Queenship

Karlo gives biblical support for the Church’s practice of honoring the Blessed Virgin as queen of heaven and earth. He explains in light of biblical theology how Mary is the Queen in Jesus’ restored Davidic kingdom and as such is our intercessor.

Refiner’s Fire: Explaining & Defending the Doctrine of Purgatory

Karlo dispels the common misconceptions that surround the doctrine of purgatory among Catholics and Protestants alike. He also gives the biblical texts necessary for Catholics to respond to the Protestant question, “Where is that in the Bible?”

The Ultimate Question: “What Must I Do to Be Saved?”

Karlo explains the biblical understanding of salvation and justification as an interior transformation that puts one into covenantal relationship with God. Karlo explains how good works fit in relation to salvation and gives biblical evidence for their necessity. By using passages from Sacred Scripture, Karlo also debunks the common Protestant notion that once we’re “saved” we can’t lose our inheritance of heaven.

The Eucharist: Symbol or Substantial Presence?

Karlo demonstrates the biblical nature of the Catholic Church’s teaching on the Eucharist as the real body and blood of Jesus. He does this by drawing out the eucharistic truths found in Jesus’ Bread of Life discourse, the Last Supper, and St. Paul’s teaching on the Eucharist in his first letter to the Corinthians. Karlo also explains the importance of the Eucharist in our lives in light of God’s relationship with the Israelites in the Old Testament.

Helpers On High: A Biblical Defense of the Saints’ Intercession

Karlo answers the most common questions Protestants ask when it comes to the saints, such as “Why should I pray to the saints when I can go straight to Jesus?” or “Why do Catholics pray to saints when Jesus is the one mediator between God and man?” Karlo also gives reasons why requesting the saints’ intercession is a biblical thing to do.

The Seven Sacraments: God’s Saving Deeds Among Us

Karlo establishes the biblical evidence for Jesus’ institution of the seven sacraments and shows how in the sacraments God primarily continues to carry out his plan of salvation for mankind.

The Catholic Church: The Original Christian Franchise

Karlo shows from the Bible and history that the Catholic Church is the original Christian Church established by Jesus. He first establishes the biblical basis for Peter’s supreme authority given by Christ and then shows from the early Church Fathers that such authority was transferred to the bishops of Rome who succeeded him all the way down to the present bishop of Rome, Pope Francis.

“Where Oh Death Is Thy Sting?” A Defense of Jesus’ Resurrection from the Dead

Karlo explains why the literal resurrection of Jesus, as opposed to alternative theories, is the best explanation of key historical facts in the Gospels—the empty tomb, the post-mortem appearances, and the unique development of the Christian church. He also explains why Jesus’ resurrection is important relative to our Faith and our existence after death.

The Splendor of the Catholic Faith

Karlo shows how the splendor of the Catholic Faith consists in the fullness of truth and life that subsists in the Catholic Church. Karlo provides the Catholic with the basic tools necessary to share with others the evidence that Christ invested such truth and life entirely in the Catholic Church, starting with Peter and the apostles.

What Difference Does Jesus Make?

Karlo addresses the modern myths that constitute skepticism toward Jesus. For example, he responds to claims such as, “Jesus never really existed; he’s just a myth,” and “Jesus never claimed to be God; that was just an exaggerated claim of the early church.” Karlo sets out to dispel such myths by providing the historical evidence for Jesus’ explicit and implicit claims to divinity and why it’s reasonable to believe such claims.

Reason, Marriage, & Homosexual Unions

Karlo begins with the basics in asking, “What makes something good or bad?” With the proper method for evaluating human behavior in place, Karlo then shows how nature orders our sexuality to heterosexual marriages alone and why homosexual unions violate the dignity of the human person, thus giving reason why homosexual unions should not be given legal recognition.. He also explains the devastating consequences of divorcing the meaning of marriage from human nature and responds to some of the most common objections people give in support of homosexual unions.


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