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The Cycle of the Christian Life

Meeting Jesus is the beginning of new life. From this encounter, we are free to choose whether we follow Him or return to our former lives. If we follow, we become converted, bit by bit, to be like Him. This allows us to enter into shared lives of love with Him, a state we call communion. Those who enter communion with Christ have everything (the summit of the spiritual life), but they cannot keep it to themselves or it will die. From communion we must go on mission to help others to meet Christ. In this passing on of the Faith, the cycle begins anew both for the one sharing and the one hearing. This is the fundamental cycle of the Christian life, and the way of eternal life handed down by the Apostles: Encounter, Conversion, Communion, and Mission.

Truly Human Lives

A truly human life cannot be achieved; it must be received as a blessing form God. St. Augustine said that all people desire the Beata Vita – the Blessed Life. Christ offers it to everyone, but what is it, really, and how can we get it?

What Ever Happened to the Modern World?

The modern era, which was supposed to be all about progress and reason, has gotten itself into serious trouble. In many ways the modern world has become unfit for real people, and as it progresses, it becomes even less so. We cannot make a society fit for humans until we admit that the modern world, though it has gained many things, has also been a time of losses for humanity. The most serious of these losses is the loss of Christ. And knowing how that happened can help us recover a modern world fit for people.

Christ and Joan

Joan of Arc is one of the most remarkable people in history. But her story is also one of the strangest in Catholic history. Her strangeness is not a defect, but a special gift from God. Through Joan, Christ teaches us about his particular love for manhood and womanhood. We’ll look at five ways Joan’s life shows Christ’s special love for us as men and women.


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