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¡Viva Cristo Rey! The Cristeros and the Martyrs of the Mexican Revolution

In the 1920s the enemies of the Church seized control of the Mexican government and declared war on Catholicism. An army of tradesmen and farmers arose in defense of Christ the King. They were the Cristeros, and their tale of courage is among the great Catholic war stories of all time. It is a story American Catholics need to know as the freedom of Holy Mother Church comes under greater and greater assault by our own government.

For Cross and Crown: The War in the Vendée

The French Revolution is heralded as the great flowering of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. In fact it was tyranny and terror: a deliberate war against tradition, against the crown, against marriage and the family, and most of all, against Jesus Christ and His Holy Church. In the west of France, however, the fiercely devout Catholic farmers and craftsmen of the Vendée formed a courageous army of and drove the Revolutionary Army of France from their soil. In the end they were crushed in what is certainly the first modern genocide, but their bravery and fervor are a much-needed inspiration in our own age of increasing persecution of the Church.

The Spanish Armada: The Catholic Version

American schoolchildren—or the handful that still study history—learn that the defeat of the Spanish Armada was the victory of the heroic Francis Drake and the noble Queen Elizabeth over the forces of imperial Spain determined to arrest religious and economic freedom with vessels laden with the torture devices of the Inquisition. Learn the truth of the Armada story: why King Philip II was justified in launching the invasion, what really brought down the Spanish force, and who the real heroes were.

What Were the Crusades?

To many, the Crusades were the brutal colonization of Palestine by savage French knights seeking untold wealth. This talk will make clear what the Crusades really were, and it will arm Catholics to answer the charge that Catholics should apologize for this glorious period in Church history.

Henry VIII’s Divorce

When Henry VIII divorced Catherine of Aragon, he separated England from the Catholic Church. Henry’ defenders argue that his motives were merely political. This lecture lays bare Henry’s true (and much more sinister) motives and names the painful and widespread effects of the divorce that we suffer right down to the present day.

St. Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years’ War

Much of what we think we know of St. Joan of Arc ranges from pious legend to deliberate fabrication. The truth of her story, altogether unique in history, is more fascinating than the legends and the propaganda.

Liberation from e-Slavery

We have today more devices and systems with which to communicate than ever in history. Yet, far from strengthening human relationships, they render them more abstract and distant. Worse still, they serve as obstacles to our relationship with the divine. Find out how to navigate the “information superhighway” and find silence amidst the noise of modern communication technology.

Was Catherine of Siena a Feminist?

Feminists have long argued that Catherine of Siena, who told the pope in Avignon to get back to Rome, made it big in a man’s world. In this lecture you will learn the truth: St. Catherine’s life was one of death to self, a celebration of her suffering and the mercy of God, and an example for all of us today.


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